IDPE's New to development programme

What is IDPE's New to development programme?

If your school is new to schools' fundraising and engagement, or you have recently recruited a new member to your team, IDPE's New to development programme is a year-long, holistic training programme offering an introduction to all aspects of professional fundraising and engagement in schools. Delivered by experienced development professionals who are actively working in schools around the UK, the programme gives you the opportunity to study the essential elements in developing a successful fundraising and engagement programme, from setting up a development office and creating your case for support, to exploring ways of engaging with your community and developing your first fundraising strategy.

The New to development programme is delivered through: 

In-person toolkit seminars

In-person, day-long seminars covering the nuts and bolts of schools' fundraising and engagement, including a school visit

On-demand webinars

A series of webinars covering different fundraising and engagement topics, available for you to watch in your own time

Delegate forums

Your opportunity to ask questions and enjoy an informal discussion with other delegates

What will you gain from participating in this programme?

Schools who complete IDPE's New to development programme will benefit from: 

  • a dynamic professional development programme to fast-track your school's fundraising and engagement, by establishing robust foundations and best practice from the outset
  • the opportunity to follow a structured, comprehensive, professional development programme which provides an introduction to all the essential elements of a successful schools' fundraising and engagement operation, delivered by experienced development professionals
  • the chance to develop a network of support, share ideas, and grow your confidence in schools' fundraising and engagement

Who is it for?

IDPE's New to development programme is aimed specifically at:

  1. Individuals who are new to the schools' development profession (with less than 2 years' experience)
  2. Schools who are in the process of establishing a development office

'As a newbie to the school sector and the area of development this programme has been invaluable.'


'This course has been brilliant, it's wonderful to be able to share best practice and learn from successful development offices.'

New to development programme content

IDPE's New to development programme is comprised of in-person seminars, a series of on demand webinars and delegate forums.


It's never too late to join!

IDPE's New to development programme has already started, however it's never too late to join. Simply email to find out more. 

If you have any questions about the content, delivery or packages for the New to development programme, please contact the IDPE office.