Successful fundraising for state schools

‘We believe that it is possible for all schools to fundraise effectively, although obviously it is harder in some communities than others. This toolkit is particularly aimed at schools who have never before engaged in significant fundraising, at schools, who may have convinced themselves that fundraising is not for them.’ 

Paul Ramsbottom OBE, Chief Executive, Wolfson Foundation

We believe that fundraising can make the world better, and that giving to education is a certain way to make that happen.

The toolkit we have assembled should help to maximise your chances of success, guide planning, and enable you to adapt outstanding practice. We have striven wherever possible to provide examples, case studies and templates from a range of state school settings up and down the UK. Most of these are ‘normal’ schools which have been able to enhance their core missions through successful fundraising. They have engaged with the factors it will take to succeed and they have freely provided their learning here in order to help others. We are grateful to all who have provided examples, templates, case studies and advice.

‘Every school can fundraise successfully and we want to help schools help themselves. Fundraising requires resilience and patience, and it takes time to develop relationships with those who can give. With the right approach and resources in place, fundraising can transform the opportunities a school offers its young people.’ 

Simon Pennington, Partner, More Partnership

We want to support all schools to grow the opportunities they are able to offer their young people. We hope this free, online toolkit, created by the Institute for Development Professionals in Education (IDPE) and More Partnership, in partnership with the Wolfson Foundation, will help schools starting out on their fundraising journey, to achieve success.

‘Professional fundraising is a growth area in the state sector, we want to reach and support school leaders across the state sector in achieving more equal access to grant income and other funding streams.’

Louise Bennett, CEO, IDPE