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IDPE Giving Week – celebrating giving in schools

What is the IDPE Giving Week?

IDPE Giving Week is an opportunity for all schools to come together and celebrate the generosity of our communities. Whether you choose to run a giving day, thank your community, recruit new volunteers, or share the value of philanthropy to your school, join us Monday 15 – Sunday 21 November 2021 to celebrate the impact of giving on the lives of our young people. 

In the lead up to Giving Week, we will be sharing resources, podcasts and webinars based around five key ways that you can celebrate giving in your school community. Make sure to sign up to our upcoming webinars and check back each week for more resources.


History of giving: Monday 4 October - Sunday 10 October 2021

Does your school celebrate the history of philanthropy? Join us during IDPE Giving Week to share photos, videos and articles of your school's giving journey using #IDPEGivingWeek.

Take a look at our resources below and listen to our podcast with Samantha Ellis, Fundraising Manager, Nottingham High School, for ideas on how to share the history of giving with your school.

History of giving podcast

Listen to Samantha Ellis, Fundraising Manager, Nottingham High School, explore how she shares the history of giving at Nottingham School with the school community.


History of giving resources
Take a look at two of the images Nottingham High School have used to celebrate the founding of the school from one legacy in 1513, and their infographics celebrating the impact of their history of giving.

Head to Nottingham High's social media pages for more: Twitter @nottinghamians, Facebook @Nottinghamians.


Giving days: Monday 11 October - Sunday 17 October 2021

Could you run a giving day during IDPE Giving Week? Or why not launch a future giving day and use IDPE Giving Week to get your school community on board with giving so that they are ready when your day arrives.

Listen to our podcast with Lisa Connor, Development Manager, Merchant Taylors' School, for giving day top tips.

Giving days podcast

Listen to Lisa Connor, Development Manager, Merchant Taylors' School, share her experience of running a giving day this year, the biggest challenges, her long-term plans and her top tips for giving day success.

Giving days resources

Explore Merchant Taylors' School's 'Merchant Gives' website that they used to collect donations for their recent giving day, and watch their 'Merchant Gives' marketing videos for ideas on how to show the impact of fundraising and get your school involved with giving.


The giving day phenomenon 

With more and more schools running giving days, you could be forgiven for thinking your school is missing out by not jumping on the giving day bandwagon. But do giving days actually work? Do they lead to increased engagement? New supporters? More money? Catch up on this webinar recording from the IDPE 2021 Annual Conference to explore what the benefits of holding a giving day are and to hear some top tips for ensuring success.


Engaging volunteers: Monday 18 October - Sunday 24 October 2021


This week we will be sharing case studies and top tips on how we can keep our volunteers engaged. Why not use IDPE Giving Week to celebrate the impact your existing volunteers have and encourage new volunteers to support your school?

Engaging volunteers by Louise Bennett, CEO, IDPE

'Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, from the more structured role of governors and trustees, to the more informal roles of speakers for careers talks, ambassadors for giving days, or organisers for local reunions, but it is important to recognise the contribution of all your volunteers both to encourage your volunteers to continue to give their time, but also to encourage others to volunteer in the future.'

Louise Bennett, CEO, IDPE, explores the different ways you can engage your volunteers and ensure that they are celebrated for their actions.


Sign up to our upcoming webinars with IDPE Giving Week Partner Potentiality. Find out more about Potentiality and how they can support development at your school in our supplier directory.


Potentiality giving day platform product showcase

Find out how Potentiality's new giving day platform could support your next giving day by watching this product showcase with John Batistich, Director; Lauren Reed, UK Sales and Marketing; and Sue McLennan, Head of Sales and Customer Experience Australasia, Potentiality UK Ltd.


Webinar recording - Giving day pathways

In this webinar Andrew Beales, Development Director, Durham School, explores the lessons learned from Durham School's first giving day, and how that is informing their planning for their 2022 giving day.

Webinar recording - Tanglin Trust School: a case study in giving

Cecilia Handel and her team at Tanglin Trust School have recently undertaken a three week 'giving day' promotion. This webinar recording shows the processes taken to run this giving day and the results gathered from it.


Saying thank you: Monday 1 November - Sunday 7 November 2021

Stewardship is an essential part of ongoing fundraising success. Join us in saying thank you to your volunteers, donors and school community as a whole, during IDPE Giving Week.

Listen to our podcast with Lindsey Davis, Director of Development and External Relations, Bradford Grammar School, and explore our resources for ideas on how to say thank you to your community.

Saying thank you podcast

Listen to Lindsey Davis, Director of Development and External Relations, Bradford Grammar School, as she explores the different ways Bradford Grammar School says thank you and engages with their community on an ongoing basis.

Saying thank you resources

Explore Bradford Grammar School's Keeling Society brochure and Keeling Society badge, as well as their recent legacies brochure, for ideas on how to say thank you to those who have pledged a legacy donation to your school in their will.


Sign up to our upcoming webinars with IDPE Giving Week Partner Hubbub. Find out more about Hubbub and how they can support development at your school in our supplier directory.


Webinar recording - What do we know about giving days and where are they headed?

Using the five key themes from Giving Week, Kat Carter, Hubbub's Digital Giving Specialist, provides an overview of the history of giving days, what we're learning about them, how to integrate volunteers in your day, ways to say thank you, and how you can demonstrate impact both before and after your day to keep the momentum going.

Webinar recording- The ongoing impact of Portsmouth Grammar's giving day

Watch this webinar to hear from Melanie Bushell, Development Director, The Portsmouth Grammar School (PGS), as she shares the ongoing impact that PGS has seen from their 2020 Giving Day. The session explores increased engagement and accelerated major gifts as a result of the giving day, as well as sharing a sneak peak of PGS's second giving day. 


Hubbub product showcase: causes and giving day platforms

Kat Carter, Commercial Director & Digital Giving Specialist, Hubbub, shares their giving day and causes platforms and their new Mercury product, exploring how Hubbub can support digital fundraising at your school.

Giving day podcast with Regent's Park College, University of Oxford and Hubbub

IDPE Giving Week partner Hubbub leads a Q&A session with Regents Park College, University of Oxford, about their small and mighty giving day.

Portsmouth Grammar School giving day case study

In March 2021, Portsmouth Grammar School set out to raise £150,000 for bursaries from their first-ever Giving Day. This case study explores the reasons behind the giving day, its successes and their advice for others considering running a giving day.

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Celebrating impact: Monday 8 November  - Sunday 14 November 2021

The impact of development goes far beyond the money raised. Why not use IDPE Giving Week to showcase to your school community the difference development has made to the young people at your school?

Listen to our podcast with Cathie Butcher, Foundation Manager, and Suzanne Wheeler, Head of Development, Stonyhurst College, to hear some of the ways they are celebrating impact at the school.

Celebrating impact podcast

Listen to Suzanne Wheeler, Head of Development, and Cathie Butcher, Foundation Manager, Stonyhurst College, they explore some of the different ways Stonyhurst College celebrates the impact of development with their school community.

Celebrating impact resources

For ideas on how your can celebrate the impact of development at your school, take a look at the Stonyhurst Foundation's 2020 annual report, a major tool in keeping their donors up to date on the success of the foundation to date, and their foundation brochure, which includes the foundation's mission, as well as stories and testimonials.


Sign up to our upcoming webinar with IDPE Giving Week headline sponsor Graduway. Find out more about Graduway and how they can support development at your school in our supplier directory.


Webinar recording - The most successful strategies for planning your giving day

Hear St Benedict's School share how they structure their giving day strategy, to achieve their donor and monetary goals.

  • How to create a giving day strategy
  • Metrics and KPIs for giving days
  • Creating a successful donor experience
  • Best communication and stewardship initiatives
  • How to involve volunteers

Webinar recording: Inside Columbia's world-class giving day

Watch this webinar recording to hear Columbia University discuss how they: 

  • Fashioned their giving days based on data-driven decisions
  • Leveraged their giving day platform to surpass their set targets
  • Planned for their upcoming October 28 giving day with COVID-19 constraints
  • Utilized a multi-channel marketing approach to promote their campaign
  • Established an organizational culture of giving across campus


Giving Week: Monday 15 - Sunday 21 November 2021


Giving Week forums

During Giving Week we will be sharing more insights and tips from our Giving Week Partners, as well as running daily ask the expert forums on our Giving Week themes, giving you the opportunity to put your giving questions to the experts.

Monday 15 November

Watch the presentation from The Manchester Grammar School's ask the expert forum, showing how they share the history of giving with their school community.

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Tuesday 16 November

Hear from Cheadle Hulme School and Millfield School as they discuss their learnings and top tips from their recent giving days.

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Wednesday 17 November

Ask the expert forum, 10:00-11:30

Join us to put your questions on engaging volunteers to the experts

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Thursday 18 November

Ask the expert forum, 10:00-11:30

Join us to put your questions on how to say thank you to the experts

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Friday 19 November

Ask the expert forum, 10:00-11:30

Join us to put your questions on how to celebrate impact to the experts

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#IDPEGivingWeek - share how you are participating in IDPE's Giving Week

We want to hear how you are getting involved in Giving Week. Whether you are running a giving day, recruiting volunteers or celebrating giving in your community, use #IDPEGivingWeek to share how your school is getting involved. Download the images below to help share your giving week plans.